Wish Divi was more flexible?

Some styles are just out of reach with Divi. Division extends Divi’s layout and branding options to give you more control over your site.

Teach Divi new tricks

Choose custom sidebars for pages and posts, more navigation options, control the content in the bottom footer, and more.

Make it yours

Division lets you customize your site the way you want it to look.

The Division Extension for Divi

Division is an extension for Elegant Themes’ Divi theme that adds intelligent enhancements to the header and branding, sidebars, footer, featured images and blog styles.

Division adds settings that allow for a greater degree of customization to the header than Divi provides out of the box. Add a logo, title, or tagline to the branding area and control the styles for every device size. See the results instantly in the customizer preview.

Division also adds functionality to pages, posts and projects. Choose featured image size and placement in your posts. Add custom sidebars and sidebar layouts on any post type, even when using the Divi Builder.

Divi 3.0 has arrived!

I am adjusting Division to best work with Elegant Themes’ newest version of Divi. More information coming soon.


Custom Sidebars

Choose which sidebar you want to display on pages and posts, even if you’re using the Divi Builder! Customize background color and other styles for your sidebar.


Division adds another navbar, right where you want it to be. Control font size, colors, alignment and more for all four Navigation Menus in the customizer.


Division adds numerous options for customizing your branding area in the header. Control your logo, title, and tagline on a screen-by-screen basis.

Featured Images

Control featured image size and placement on single posts and posts within the loop. Yes, you can use portrait images without them taking up the whole page!


Control the content in the bottom bar of the footer. Choose the location of the footer navigation area.

Developer Friendly

Division uses custom action hooks to add content in the header and footer of the child theme. Functionality is added from the plugin, allowing for easy updates.

Get the Division Extension for Divi

What? Where’s the purchase button?

After a small beta testing period, I’ve decided to change strategies a bit. The current form of Division is not sustainable to maintain and support in the long term, and so I am refactoring my approach. Check back this fall for news about the new incarnation of Division.

Divi WordPress theme

Divi is the WordPress theme

Elegant Themes’ flagship theme Divi has quickly become the go-to theme for web agencies, business owners, and bloggers alike. Its easy-to-use page builder lets you quickly create any page layout that you can dream up. Divi’s flexibility means that when your needs change, your site can change with them. Why spend hours trying to find a theme that has just the right combination of features and styles? Buy Divi now and stop wasting time you could be using to make your vision into reality.

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