Getting Started

About Division

Overview of the Division plugin and child-theme.

Install Child Theme & Plugin

Installing the Division plugin and child theme.

Convert an Existing Child Theme

Already have a Divi child theme? Learn how to adapt your theme to work with the Division plugin.


Read about updating the Division plugin and child theme.

Header & Branding


An overview of the header and branding features added by Division.

Enable Branding Elements

Display your logo, site title, or site tagline in the header.

Configure Branding Elements

Configure the branding element styles for each screen size, making sure your site looks good on every device.

Fixed Header Styles

Set specific styles for the logo, site title, or site tagline when the header is in the fixed position.



An overview of the navigation functionality added by Division.

Add Menu to Navigation Area

Learn how to assign a menu to the navigation areas.

Styling Navigation Areas

Learn how to style the theme’s navigation areas.

Add Pointers to Dropdown Menu

Learn how to add ‘pointers’ to dropdown menus in the header nav and navbar.

Custom Sidebars


An overview of the custom sidebar functionality added by Division.

Creating Custom Sidebars

Create custom sidebars that can be used throughout your site.

Choosing a Custom Sidebar

Choose a custom sidebar to display on pages or posts.

Style Custom Sidebars

Styling the sidebars in the theme customizer.

Blog Styles


An overview of the Division features for styling blog posts.

Choose Blog Page Layout

Configure the layout for the blog page. Choose which sidebar displays on the blog page.

Style Posts in the Loop

Configure the typography settings for blog posts within the loop.


Boxed Layout Padding

Add padding around the content container when using a boxed layout.

Footer Bottom Bar

Add text content to the footer bottom bar area.

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